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I never wanted to be a child even when I was one. If I could rewind, I'd go back to the newly-wed phase when I was sleeping in until 11 a.m. and didn't have a care in the world while the husband slogged away.


Lakshmi, I (and Vijay) have nominated you for an award (be-the-blog).


Terri,  if I were to choose, it would be my first trimester months when I would wake up at noon, eat lunch made by husband, promptly throw that up, and go right back to sleep with two hour-wake breaks to nourish myself and throw up.

Rlbates, and Vijay, thanks for the award.  I shall respond soon. Ramona, thanks especially for taking time to sign into vox just to comment here. :)


[this is good] Somebody is going to kill me for this, but I love being able to wear makeup and glamorous clothes and not have my brother roll on the floor laughing at me. How much more growing up do I need to do before I get rid of Exams?


You can remove exams out of an Indian's life, but can't remove the Indian psych out of exams. :)

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