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What a beautiful post! Your best so far, I reckons! Have a great 2008, Lakshmi!


She was born on the last day of the year? New Year's eve is all the more special now!

The Doug

Happy Birthday, Vasundara!


Just saw this post:), i can relate 100%:). cant read any story that involves any kind of parent seperation and boy, I keep on asking for time away from the kids, but the moment they leave I go crazy and want them back:)


[this is good] What a lovely post..a very happy birthday to your daughter. I love the way everyone is sitting on the floor..I so miss sprawling down on the cool floor to do everything!


L, what strikes me about the photos is the utter simplicity of the celebration. There seems to be none of the over-the-top production that some kids' parties turn into. I'm being nosy here, but how do you guys not allow peer pressure to get to you? It's something I'd like to emulate.


Happy New Year all.
Rambodoc,  when you feel strongly about something, it shows, doesn't it?
Terri, four hours before the new year was born.  Woke up from anesthesia to fire crackers at midnight. It is not easy to overcome peer pressure.  It is easier to conform.  It helps to have a partner who is more tenacious about simplicity than you are yourself and can constantly remind you when you are slipping.
Doug, thank you.
Soumya, Moms are a crazy lot, aren't we?
Purplesque, thank you.  The floor is more down-to-earth (pun unintended).


Utterly charming and homespun.

Best wishes for your daughter.

Ana Karin

[this is good] Lakshmi,  I love this post.   I had somehow missed it yesterday when I was trying to catch up with some of my web surfing (why my baby slept, but you know how that goes...)

You daughter is beautiful and you are doing a great job.  It is amazing how time does seem to go faster now that we want/need to have it move slower.

I wish you and your family the best New Year filled with hope and joy and lots of love.


AK, thank you. Work stretches to fill in time, once you have a kid. I hope once Natalia grows up a bit more, you will be able to update your blog oftener. 

Karen Lynn

[this is good] Sweet post Lakshmi, such a great tribute to your daughter!  You should print it out, put it away,  and give it to her the day she marries. :))

Thank you for bringing Indian life to Milwaukee .


OR even better, when she gets a kid of her own. (Rubbing palms in glee and salivating at the thought...)
Even better, you can come in person to India to witness life first hand, at least you will know where to stay.

Karen Lynn

[this is good] Aww, bless you Lakshmi.  You are such a sweet sweet lady :))

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