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Good luck! I probably need to join you on this one..guilty of excessive use of exclamation marks! And smileys! And too much of the word 'I' ! There..I've used up all your vox quota of exclamation marks..you're safe now. :)


Purplesque,  Trust me, it is extremely hard.  I just sent an email to a friend, consciously avoiding both, and I don't think I have struggled so hard to write up a research paper.


Aargh! If only people would dispense with exclamation marks in business writing! If only my superiors would see the light! Exclamation marks in all other situations are allowed, especially in friendly e-mails.


Bah .. exclamations are my birthright and I shall use them!!!

Now smiley's are another matter. Overused and mostly unnecessary :)


[this is good] Wow!!! Latchumi, I agree, like, totally!!! But I don't think I'm strong enough to do this :o)
My pure-bred Engleees is being spoiled by too many Americanisms, unwanted commas, exclamations and of course the ubiquitous like.


Yes, I agree with you, Vijay.  I had to de-Americanize my language for almost six months after I returned to India so that I could make sense without need for spacers such as "like", "ya know", "er", "um", "I mean" etc. Like, umm, Ya know what I mean?


That said, I am still very confused about the language. Being in India should it be "Americanise" or being an employee of a US firm, should it be "..ize"?  Should I have a Skedule or a Schedule? Are things mandatory or compulsory? Is it aluminum or aluminium?  Do I take paracetamol or acetaminophen for headache?  Do I walk on the sidewalk or pavement?  Is it "zee" or "zed"? 
Americans can't take "etc." in formal writing, while it is perfectly acceptable to start a sentence with a verb.
Pretty confusing, I should admit.


And a vexing thing is figure out when writing is if you ask three questions, one after the other, should you keep increasing the number of q-marks one after the other? Very irksome.


Hey Lakshmi!

Well I am on the opposite end. After my two year stay in Chennai, I had to learn how to 'put Peter' again! I remain confused! Unforutnately as my American English skills decreased, my Tamil language skills did not outweigh this imbalance. For me, I realized the problem when I was pressurized to get a job. No one says pressurized here, basically!


At the risk of sounding like a snob, here is my most recent language-experience.  The intention is not to belittle others, honestly.

I am currently proof reading/editing papers for an engineering journal,
most of which have been written by French authors. They write in
French, use some online translation tool to convert it to English and
send it as is. E.g. "So it is advisable to make the search of the
electrolyte composition and oxidation regime to create on the <material>  the
surface composition structures possessing with protective properties and
preventing the release of ions in organism, to investigate their phase
composition, surface morphology, anticorrosion and mechanical properties."

takes me half-a-dozen hours to decipher each paper and at the end of
it, I need to sit and read P.G. Wodehouse to get back my language
skills and sense of humour (or would that be humor?).

I hope you regained your "peter putting" skills again. It is really
funny to hear that from a true-blue Caucasian American.

The Doug

Writers use earthly language to express heavenly thoughts; they try against logic to fit an ocean into a thimble.  You've gotta embrace it, press it, squeeze it, throttle it, coax it, smiley it, laugh at your own jokes at it, explanation point it, exclamation point it, and jam it in there.

When you're done, 9 will evaluate the squeezing, the pressing, the coaxing, and the smileying.  1 will say "Wow!  You got the ocean into a thimble!"  Love that one.


The Doug, good one. Well said.


Yikes! Why did it publish my comment thrice. I can't use a smiley on this post but can I say this :-(


suparbh,  you can revert the bracket to a smiley now.


You write very well. I was simply giggling while reading through your posts.
I read your replies to the comments. Have no fear of losing your sensayuma*, you have plenty of it!

*In the novel Live and Let Die**, one of the thugs bends back Bond's (alliteration unintended)*** little finger and, when Bond faints out of pain, remarks 'He's got no sensyuma'.

** If you've read the book, my apologies for the elaboration.

*** I'm fond of parantheses too!


N, thank you.  It seems you are fond of footnotes too. 
It is gratifying when someone makes the effort to sign into vox to comment.  And they join my neighborhood instantaneously. Now, whether that is a good thing or not is subjective opinion.

Shankari Lakshmi

eesh! I do both .....Note to self- maybe next year?


Hey, You must have spent quite a few many hours on this blog if you came this far from the first post.  Thank you. 
And yes, this is the only resolution I have kept reasonably well.

Shankari Lakshmi

not that time actually... just looked here and there and landed on it...sheesh so diffcult to type anything without smiley.

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