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[this is good] Kamal Haasan is one of my Gods, ever since we saw Pushpak. Gosh, that was ages ago, and I was still a kid, but all that talent was hard to miss. Maybe I can find Mozhi with subtitles somewhere..thanks!


purplesque,  if I were to suggest a film, it would be Hey Ram.  WATCH IT.  It comes in Hindi and Tamil and with English subtitles.


Hey Ram it will have to be, then. I wanted to watch it when it came out but SRK's presence was a huge deterrrent; I just can't get to like him.


purplesque, trust me, and this is from someone who can't bear to look at SRK even in film posters, Hey Ram successfully masks the annoyance of SRK.  Don't know how Kamal did it, but it is true. 

Brown Suga'

I love Kamal too! Haven't seen Hey Ram, but I recently saw Virumaandi. Brilliant stuff. I feel like an idiot for having missed stuff like Pushpak, Dalapathy, Michael Madan Kamarajan etc.

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