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Ah dreams. Mine are never sweet.

I only get to clock about 4 hours and either I am knackered to dream or else they are nightmarish and disturbing.

It's in the noons when I get to nap do I get those naked-shaked dreams. But then it's been a 100 years since I enjoyed a siesta.  

The Doug

It seems that your dreams are about anxiety (sudden: a child about to touch a poisonous creature; or waves that slowly take away) and alienation (somebody angry enough to kill over a perceived betrayal; worried that you'll fail a test of your own native language; naked and unprepared)

I like your term "core dump"...I believe dreams are from our very core.  They're images from our inner self, not to be judged rationally but felt in the heart.

So...I wish you better dreams...but also hope that, if you're experiencing any anxiety or alienation in your waking life, that your dreams point the way to treat it.


Lady, All this is a sign of true much stress (pun intended, as always).I can't really advise you on specifics, except to tell you to drink some wine, have some chocolate, and take a break. Yes, sex does good, too!(I can see the maamas and maamis scampering for the Aqua Gangetica. Shiva Shiva!):-)


My 60-year-old mother still gets those exam dreams! I think exams have scarred our psyches, and should be banned at the school level.

I don't get naked dreams, but I dream I'm out in public in a grandma nightie. That's 10 times worse in my book.


Maami,  you clock 4 hours?  Umm..and you are alright the next day?  Your husband does not wear an armor to protect himself from flying kitchen missiles?

Doug,  my anxiety is well-known in my inner circle of family and friend. It seems I was born with a humming-bird's heartbeat !!!  But thank you for your wishes.  I would love to have dreams rather than nightmares, for a change :)

Rambodoc, you are out to kill me . aren't you?  If I have chocolates before I go to bed,  the nightmares I described above become fairy tales compared to the assault that would take over.  A. Gangetica flows nearabout you, doesn't it?  could you please send some over, after a dip yourself, we only have the Cooom here. (But of course, I agree with you).  And while you are at it, could you please send one of those heavy duty vodkas in your bar?

Terri,  gasp ! Nightie?  Man, I'd rather stick to nude..


Shocking comments! What is the world coming to? Good old South Indian culture is getting totally spoilt-unga! Nightmare-ish!!

Man, I'd rather stick to nude.."

Could be twisted or interpreted to read "I had rather stick to nude man".

Or worse, "I had rather... to nude man-stick."

Or the worst: "I ...to nude man's hard stick..."



Shocked speechless? :-)


Not really !  Just thinking hard on a comeback.


[this is good] My sympathy, And empathy, if that helps. My personal scariest one would be number three.

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