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Oh  Lakshmi....you are so dear and so sweet.  I want to give you a hug.  Now I know living with you for one year was the besst part of this Studying at Syracuse  (SAS) stuff.
I do not recall that night at all but I do recall that we used to chit chat sometimes when I was awake.  I know you alwasy came late and I wondered where is this girl.  Now I know you were experimenting in the lab (smile smile).

Your post today  made my day.  I will be smiling throught the day today.  And you write so so very well.  I love to read your stuff.  I have made up my mind....I am going to meet you one more time in my life...just to be with you and laugh.  It feels as if I know you more now that I knew you then.  I do remember one time when you wore my saree when someone was coming to see you.  You were so mad but let me tell you ...you looked so pretty.  You had perfact figure for a saree and that voice...I wish I had heard more of  your songs.  You looked so pretty in those sarees at our diwali functions. 


And who is Santanu Jha...I can not remember him at all. 

Love you..... Anjana

Ana Karin

Lakshmi... technically the cemetery IS the short cut from SU to Vincent Apts.  However, I can completely relate to your story, having lived something similar during another snowy cold dreary night in Syracuse. 

I really loved your post, it brought back Syracuse to my like a bucket of cold snow.  And made me realize why I refuse to live in locations that do get snow.


My mind is bursting with questions, and the standard how-could-you-trust-some-guy-in-the-middle-of-the-night accusations. But here's what I really want to know: Why do you carry a toothbrush around in your purse?

Condom - I can understand; tampon - yes; ketchup - only if you have to. But a toothbrush?!!


Terri   ....we carry toothbrushes so we can sleep where ever it becomes necessary (smile smile) and get up with clean mouth.....


I try to reason within me that American ghosts found in American cemeteries would not speak English with a Bihari accent..


The Doug

All that fear and freezing make for a great epic story years later :-)


AK, in a snow storm, any distance is lightyears from anywhere else. Especially when you are wearing leaky shoes.
Terri, not to worry.  With a beauty like Shonty's girl friend, whom I knew very well, Shonty would not consider any other girl, girl at all.
Anjana, Terri, the chemistry department was thinking of charging me a rent and building a bathroom for me, considering how often I slept over my glassware. Sadly, the toothbrush did not serve romantic purposes as some people seem to envisage.
Doug, my life is a comedy of errors.


[this is good] Apart from the obvious question that Terri asked, I want to know what made you trust a Bihari to know anything? ;o)
The toothbrush is useful for what used to be known as a "come for dinner, stay for breakfast" date in my days at Manipal. Sadly, I never had a chance to find out if that particular type of date ever existed.


Just the fact that the Bihari was a super intelligent fellow, doing a Ph.D in physics, and had ambitions to run for elections and become a prime minister of our country.  If he does at some point of time, I am sure our nation would be in good hands.
Come for dinner stay for breakfast was most of my days in grad school, the only glitch being the stayover was at my lab, with only my organometallic complexes for company.

Hurricane Hetta

I enjoyed your story!  I nearly thought I was there ;)


[this is good] This is too good a coincidence to pass up. You have something in common with the "Thalaivar" - check out his favorite vacation spot :)


You don't want to be there, HH.  Trust me.


See, it's all in the family

Clarification: Thalaivar is by way of chithappa to me - his wife is my long-estranged aunt

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