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I could have written the first half of this piece. I am a bundle of nerves and what -if worst case scenarios with the girls. Really, parenting is a roller coaster. :)


Sometimes you just have to close your eyes and believe with all of your heart it will all turn out alright. And most of the time it does.

Enabling her to develop a tiny bit of independence is good for all of you but most of all for you. This will not be the last time you have to let go of her hand and pray she will come back to you in one piece. But school field trips are a right of passage, and an important one. V is probably not ready to spread her wings yet. But she is ready to dry them in the sun.

If she wants to go, let her.


karen: yes, she will be going.  School field trips are indeed a right of passage. FOR THE MOTHER.


Momto2cuddlebugs: A fun roller coaster at that.


[this is good] You should read the post on my Jabulani blog about Milestones written last summer! You've just reminded me of an incident this past Sunday too...I'm going off to write a post about it. You've inspired me. Thanks.

Btw, I was given a fridge magnet when my son was born. It says this:
<i>There are but 2 things we must give a child: one is roots, the other is wings.</i> It ain't as easy as it sounds.
The other saying I like is from the Bible. Prov. 22:6 says <i>"Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it."</i>
This really is the only thing a parent can do. Every day is a lesson and every lesson they learn is empowering them to become rational, independent human beings who - hopefully - can deal with steam engines and crossing the road safely!! Hopefully. Until then, it is the lot of mothers to worry themselves into a stupour about whether they should protect their children more or less. The fact that you worry, shows you are a good parent.


[this is good]

You know, there ought to be an exam testing us on how clear we are about parenting before letting us have babies.

I agree with that one hundred percent. Our reasons might be a little different, though. I use that statement more for underage parents who have accidental children, soon realize they've bitten off more than they can chew, and then want perfectly normal kids to be 'fixed' into sedated robots.

As I've said before, you're a wonderful parent. Hopefully you and her will both come through unscathed and stronger through this rite of passage. :)

Confidently Confused

[this is good]

You painted the picture perfectly. I can see my own sisters going through these emotions. On the one hand they want to give their kid's wings, but are also scared of cutting off the roots slowly one by one over the years!

With regards to the spelling bee...that was hilarious! I quite enjoy seeing the broadcast on ESPN, more so just for the faces of the anxious parents.


Hey Laks, enjoyed reading this particular post... funny though I am sure you dont feel the same way.  


Sure I do.  I am always amused at the basket case that I am.

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