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I would like to spend my last days of my life in a place like this..Moreover I am really impressed with the vegetable garden.

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How wonderful!! It is beautiful and I love the garden. How often do you get to visit? I would want to go every weekend. Is your other house different in looks to this one? That is interesting to have a city house and a farm house. Such a beautiful view!


Gayathri, Freedom, thanks for the comments. The place is quite a distance away, so we don't visit it as often as I like.
Freedom, we live in an apartment complex temporarily until we move to our own big house bang in the middle of down-town Chennai in a few years. This is vastly different from the farm house, which is more of an investment.


Hey Lakshmi,

Tracked you here (HEEHEE).. Lovely pictures! So nice to see your patti and appa after so many years!


Mpdvb, Thanks for tracking me down.
Nice profile picture.

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Lovely! Kitchen garden is pretty impressive.

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Lovely house and lovelier garden! I want I want I want

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