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Fantastic pictures! I love seeing parts of everyday life in another country as it is so different from what I see here. I am amazed at the coconuts for sale and what things look like!

It seems that you found the perfect way to ease the tension in your mind and body! Stress creeps up on us when we are busy. Even good things can cause our body to be tensed. I am so glad you have some time to yourself to unwind, let the tension go, take pictures, and enjoy the scenery!

I wish I could make comments on each of the pictures!! You did a terrific job...must be a good cell phone camera. I enjoyed seeing the roadside shops, the people and how they dressed, the traffic and what it looked like. I hope you will post more pictures in the future.

Have a peaceful and restful day, my friend!


Freedom, The internet has indeed shrunk the earth.
Yeah, coconut-water is sold every few yards (we need it, it is a HOT country). The vendor bores a hole at the top of the coconut with his sickle and puts a straw through the hole. Yummmmmmmmmm.
Yes, I will post pictures here as and when inspiration strikes.

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Mylapore is indeed a lovely area. My childhood days were spent there on every annual vacation. My mom is from Mylai and my grand-dad still lives there. Your pics have brought back evergreen memories of the lovely place. You missed the cows there :-) Thanks.

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