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wonderful.let me know how you did it.I can do it with divya for her show and tell competition in school.can we make a mini zoo?


Hey Lakshmi.. Awesome!! You are giving me a serious complex.. BTW if you are one of those who likes to do a new theme every year, then please save this year's creation- I am more than happy to use them for my GOLLU next year (HEEHEE)

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How wonderful. It is so nice that you have time to make them by hand this year. I know you two are having a good time together painting them and making them. How fun! I thought your one from last year looked good also.

I looked up Navarathri because I did not know what it was. Now I know a little more. Do you celebrate for many days? I hope you will share more pictures with us so we can learn about your celebration!

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