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I tell ya, when I read that yesterday, I was very glad to have gone the wp route. It didn't give me a good feeling about TypePad and the remains of SA.


Hey there. I'm Natalie, a TypePad Product Manager. Yes, it's true that we'll soon be a new company, but this does not mean the end for TypePad! We're still planning, developing, and releasing new features destined to help our bloggers with greater distribution of their blog posts and offer more opportunities to be paid for doing what they love. Plus, our support team is made up of some of the hardest working people that I know.

"We help bloggers succeed" is the motto we've used to sum up what we do, and that purpose still stands true.

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Wow, LG. I would hope that SixApart would have had the integrity to steer you towards a blog that would here for awhile. If what the TypePad Product Manager, above, says is correct, then I think typepad will be around for awhile!


Thanks for the reassurance.

I think, at the moment, I will take Natalie's assurance at face value and stick to Typepad.

Yeah, I hope so too.

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