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> No amount of sermonising will teach truths <

like it seldom taught us :-)

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Ah, yes, to look back and see the things we could have done differently. So many regrets It helps me to remember that the brain is not fully formed until we are in our early 20's and that is why teens take so many risks. They do not understand, yet, that they are not invincible. The maturity has not yet come.

When I look back at pictures of myself in college and I remember that I thought I was fat and also how much time I squandered, i shake my head and wish that I could have that lovely skin and shape back, and I am thankful that there were no cell phone cameras to make permanent my lapses in judgement.

I, too, wish that I had had the sense to make more of the opportunities I had. I wish I had majored in journalism. So many regrets. But, such is life, because we have great opportunities during a time when we are immature.


ommachi: That's what makes me want to scream "don't make the misakes we made..go make your own".
Freedom: I suppose the mistakes we make shape what we become eventually.

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I suppose doing stupid things is part of the youth package - you can't really expect to separate the two. At least you were part of the light music troupe. I attended culturals just to cheer :o But I don't really regret any of it. We have all our lives to be wise and boring, so why not let youth be youthful?

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