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Ah the beauty of the internet. Bringing together memories from all over the world.


Ah! fun post. I studied in a school that was run by a Christian Missionary, so I can relate to bits and pieces of the post.

I have been hoarding those 10 and 5 paise coins. The purchasing power of those little changes were fairly decent, right? I remember buying maps to practice for geography exams, balpams, kadalai orundais etc.

Have been catching up with your posts after a long time. I am enjoying every single one of them!

Account Deleted

Amazing! Second post I have read about marching. The only marching that went on when I was in school was done by the marching band!

Why were you sent to a school where there were nuns? Just curious. I am sure the smell of meat did make you feel sick. I cannot imagine children who don't eat something having to smell it being cooked every day. YUCK!

It is so interesting to hear these stories from peoples' childhoods. Very enlightening!


Jane, yes. Reaffirms my belief that beyond borders and skin colours, human beings are one.

Suman, geography maps..YES. Each was two paise at RB Stores. Bad print, but useful for practice.

Freedom, many parents of that generation believed that convent run schools were better in terms of education and discipline than other schools. The schools were started by the English or Anglo Indian missionaries, and were indeed run well. There was also a strong belief among our parents that convent schools would give kids a better hang of English, which it did. Remember, this was before the globalization era. Now of course, the priorities have changed and convent schools are not any more sought after than non-convent schools.
The interesting part was, the "sex education" class was taught by a Christian missionary Father. I remember wanting the earth to swallow me.


Hey LG- you really brought back memories flooding that I am just unable to focus on my work. Wooooo what a time we had.. after every round of lousy marching and throbbing knuckles, we were made to sit and watch Lariza Gomez march the stretch with a lot of oooohs and ahhhhs on how smartly she carries herself( not withstanding the fact that she was trim with not an ounce of extra fat while though we were not obese we were misproportionate after all the "paruppu sadam, ghee and curd). Wow those were days when the sun got defeated by the strength of our spirits. To date I would say despite the globalisation of education I have not found the discipline factor which existed then, the moral fear factor and the "INNOCENCE". Gone are the days when kids were just kids and not semi adults with all they need to learn by living taught thru the web. Gee LG you make me babble by reminding me of the "YESTER YEARS"



"Gone are the days when kids were just kids and not semi adults with all they need to learn by living taught thru the web."

But you've got to admit, these kids are infinitely smarter than we were at that age. So, each era comes with its own package of good and bad.

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