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I read the whole thing. I agree, and I absolutely understand coz believe it or not, I have been there and am there to an extent on certain points you've touched on.

Understandably, we all do what works for us. The ones with a good brain over their square shoulders that is. The ones who have figured out how they work and why they do what they do are most definitely at a higher ground wrt peace and content.

You definitely seem to have found it, and that is commendable. :-)

You are a good clear writer - am sure that technical logical part of your brain in your writing profession has helped u immensely in other areas of life as in here, and no you do not have ADD. You have as much ADD as I do :)
You value quality and give a thought and relationship its due worth in time and thought. As you rightly guessed, that specie is dwindling, and am there right there with you! :)

I can write more and will, later :)


A nice analytical piece Lakshmi..! I find FB and Twitter as time pass - to record some fleeting thoughts and to help me keep in touch with folks that I wouldn't otherwise be in touch. But you are right, if I were to disappear from FB today, not a soul would miss me. I

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Great post. I enjoy FB for just touching base with people quickly but I spend much more time reading blogging posts. I apologize that I forget, at times, to go to my google reader and I miss you because you are at typepad. I am trying to be more faithful in getting over here. I enjoy reading your posts!


Ha ha..I've said this before, but it bears repetition. You are brave.

You've described what is the biggest 'issue' with social networking. I still have trouble letting go, though, for two reasons- one, the age old fear of being left behind while interesting things happen in my 'neighborhood'; and two, the fact that interesting things, thought provoking things, fun things do happen on these social networks, much like they happened in kitchens and living rooms years ago.


Rads, Suman, Freedom, Purplesque, Karen (who wrote privately) and AK (who I know read this fully), (and a few others who choose to be silent)
Thanks for reading the post . You know what is interesting, you are the people that have ALWAYS visited here, read fully, and commented even before/without facebook access. My facebook has not brought any more new, dedicated, committed readers. Proves that the two genres are mutually exclusive, even if some of you are there as well.
And yes, I axed my FB A/C. This time, not just "Deactivated" it but cut the roots as well. If anyone else on FB wants to delete her account ("Gasp ! This woman is an anarchist"), go here- http://www.facebook.com/help/contact.php?show_form=delete_account.
I am happy at my blog and with my email. I don't need any more social networking.


As long as you keep writing here...



I liked it, you really nailed a lot of the issues I have with FB, and in a coherent way that I have not been able to do!

I always read all of them, even if I don't comment much... you know how my mind works!

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haiyya..that means more posts on this blog??..Am a longtime silent reader but started commenting only after you moved to typepad. (fyi..am not on your facebook and bloghopped here from your dude's blog).

byw..your frequency of posts have increased after you've moved to type-pad and as a rasikan am happy......


Aravind, thanks for delurking. "Rasikan" is a very flattering word, thank you.

I wrote just as frequently in VOX, but many of my posts were restricted to my neighbourhood. Since you did not have a VOX account in my neighbourhood, you would not have seen them and only read my rarer public posts.

Typepad does not have the option of restricting specific posts and hence all my posts are out there. I now just take care that I don't expose too much of my family to the open internet world.


KC, thanks. I intend to keep writing.


My My... what an out pour! But definitely meaningful. I am one of the many who took up to FB on peer pressure. Just to see what it is. I saw and realized that it doesn't suit me. I however would not be able to write down the reasons for it not suiting me in such a lucid manner. Though I hardly visit FB, I intend to be there as a passive observer for - I don't know how long.

And am glad am in that circle which reads your post "fully" and quite often (if not daily). I enjoy it Laks - so go on and keep us happy.


I was smiling through ur threads and A,B,C,D,E,F,....Z friends but I can understand how it gives u the stress. Even though I still maintain my FB for the connect with my blog friends mainly, I am myself only in my blogs...that is where I express myself totally without being interrupted with another story or thought or reply !!!
If its gud for u, then it is. Am glad.

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