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What a beautiful sight- all of the wonderful colors in the clothing, the rug, and in the decorations!! What lovely children and the mothers, sitting on the bench. this seems like a wonderful thing and an important part of your family and your religion. Thank you for sharing it with us. I also very much enjoyed the pictures on picasso but could not see a place to comment. Thank you so much for sharing them with me! Your daughter is such a pretty young lady! I know you must be proud of her!


Thanks Freedom.
This is one tradition I am glad to pass on to my kid.
We have a small music class of sorts ("paatu class"), once a week, where I teach the kids some songs in Carnatic music. The kids are singing for our kolu in these pictures.


You're a wonderful mother, L.


I don't know Purp. I guess we just keep bungling along..as long as we enjoy the process, it has paid for itself. Only future can tell if the bungling was catastrophic or not. I would rather it be "not".

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Wonderful...Yenna paatu..? Imagiri thanaye hemasudhe..??


"Sri Saraswathi" in Naattai.

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