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I've felt this way at times when doing the grocery shopping. Seeing what those single, childless young ladies put in their shopping trolleys always makes me smile. In a slightly jealous way.


Having a family does indeed make falling into another dimension very hard. I used to sleep soundly for hours on end. Now I heard ever noise the toddler makes one bedroom away, all night long and every night. Sigh.

If you are going to leave the Kid with the Dude, I'd like to leave my kid with him too, and then walk with you to a quiet bookstore with my book and sit quietly next to you, in my own dimension.

Account Deleted

As the Dude in question, perhaps I could join the wistful here to also dream up this way of leaving the (Shangai) Kid with the Dudette (seems there is no proper antonym for Dude) and take a coffee break, browsing books. Oops, I AM doing it already...

Point is, one could manage such a break anytime even at this (g)ripe age and family. Only, over the years, we have forgotten the knack of "living the moment" to enjoy that break. We are bound to mar it with thoughts about its inevitable end and preoccupation about the life we left a while ago and that we should continue.

The young -- as the girl with mills&boon (yuck) -- are able to live the moment more often as their mundane preoccupations are catered by people like us.

After such a pontification, I am bound to reap it stiff, so, yup, I could manage the kid anytime after all... ;-)


Dude, there is no doubt that you can manage the kid, as you do often..but who is to manage the female adult mind that can't relax even when given the option ?

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