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Kolamtham - did she mean "Kudal Yetham"?


Aha, God bless Vijaya and her tribe!


Can you pls send vijaya to Mumbai..? Pls tell her it will be an all expenses paid trip with business class tickets :)


Rama, I don't even want to know what it is. It works, and that is enough for me.

Suman, Amen.

Arvind, Vijaya also heals neck sprain by making you stand still and yanking your face to the opposite side, you'd hear a "maLuk", you'd think you died and went to heaven for a fraction of a second, but after that, you'd walk on air, reveling in the pain-free life you lead now. She also (in a technique I don't want to write about) removes cold from the chest of babies. She is TERRIBLE at house chores, but there is no way I am letting her go.

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