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Lol.Too funny. I like your sense of humour,


Good for you!


LOL..Go you!

The phone marketeers here in the phoren have adapted a new-ish approach. When I tell them I need to consult my husband about the purchase, they say in shocked tones..'You need to ask him? About this?'Clearly implied is- 'You're a doormat!'

The next time it happens, I'm going to tell them he beats me with a lead pipe if I buy something without telling him.

Account Deleted

Was it you that received this phone call? At any rate, what a terrific story. LOL!!! I would like to see the guys face. That is just terrific :D


Jane, if you had seen me then, you'd know what "livid" means.

Suman, thanks.

Purp: ROFL. When you tell them that, please record the conversation and podcast it. I'd like to hear his/her response.

Freedom, Yes, very much me. I wouldn't be surprised if he quit his job.


Great idea. Will try it some time.


Ha! Much better than my approach! When I asked a telemarketer to remove my number from his call list he replied (and this is a quote) "My call list? Sweetheart, I don't know what you are talking about. The only call list I have is for my Friday night dates, and I'm pretty sure you are not on it." Did I mention that this call was not to my home, or even my cell phone. It was to my work number. I was so stunned. But I have their number now. I answer the phone and talk gibberish for a few minutes and the hang up. Maybe I'll try your approach tomorrow.

Prasanna Narasimhan

hahahha...Awesome :)

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