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This is a rant you can't rant loudly enough! But no one hears it because they are checking for messages on their cell phone. Sigh...


100% True! This should be posted in every workplace!!

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AMEN!! I wish more people knew this etiquette. I had to explain to my daughter that it was rude for her to continue to take calls while we were out shopping. She did not know that. I explained that we do not get to spend a lot of time together and the calls could wait. Mr suggested to her that she stop taking text messages while doing homework. She commented to me that it had really helped. I suppose that unless someone explains the rudeness and etiquette to people, they either don't realize or don't care. I try not to ever be on the phone when checking out at a store or anything like that. it is just rude.

Now, they have made it against the law, here, to talk on the phone or text, while driving. I have to set a good example for my children and not take calls. But that is OK. Unless it is urgent and then I could pull over. I do not have a fancy car with the hands free sets. I get the kids to answer and either tell the caller I will call back later or they can ask me the question and relay the answer to the person on the phone.


No. 1, I'm also very particular about. No. 2 & 3 - yes, you are right, but I'm guilty of occasionally.

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