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A vivid portrayal of the festival for those who would love to visit but couldn't


Thanks for this..Srirangam poitu vandha madhiri irundhadhu...haven't been there even once..hopefully this wish will get fulfilled in 2011.

Margy Rydzynski

"In the humdrum of daily existence, I ignore the spiritual part of me, and a break like this, once a year, makes me dip into it and rejuvenates me for the rest of the time spent enjoying my duties"

Yes, you're absolutely right. And it doesn't matter which spiritual practice, either. Sometimes you have to sit back and indulge in your spiritual side. I went out to dinner with the hubby last night, to celebrate Christmas Eve, and felt a reconnection with everything from the minute we left for the restaurant. On my way back I looked at the lights draped around trees to fend off the cold and dark and felt very connected to it all.

Thanks for this post!


all very fascinating and new to me. thanks for posting the info & pics!

aussie emjay

This was really interesting - thank you. I'm glad that you got a break from routine and that you also reconnected with your spiritual side.

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