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Lux, who is that lady in the last pic? Also, was'nt Anu in our batch? wish this reuinion had happened in Dec, could have attended:(. Nice pics:), the classrooms look exactly the same dont they? Miss jaycob looks pretty much the same too...


The lady in the last picture is Ms. Alamelu, our Tamil teacher in tenth class. Yes, she looks terribly old.
I wish more from our set had come. I suspect most of our set are not members of the association and so do not get email notifications. If any of you want to become a member, let me know.


I also went to a school like that, where I migrated from my teacher to the next over almost a decade and a half. Recently I went back to visit. Some parts (like the giant trees in your post) are still there. Other parts are now filled with new (to me anyway) buildings. Most of my teachers are also gone, several passed away. However, it is still nice to go back to a place where we spent so much time, and such an important time of our lives too!

Maybe little V can follow your steps in the same school, and leave her mark on such a wonderful institution!


Nice feedback of the day.
The school is not something that i am seeing after a long time. i have been to school regularly as my daughter is studying there now. Any how nice to see the pictures.

Sudha Sundaresan

Hi Lux:

Your awesome write up and the pictures of your teachers brought back old memories live. Mrs. Meenakshi looks just the same to me although age shows up inevitably - her spirits seems the same in this picture. I somehow cannot remember the old face of Mrs. Alermelu at all. This old lady face is not making me recollect that either.

Had this meeting happened while I was in India in Nov-Dec 2010, I would have somehow attended it. Hope to be there for the next alumni meet atleast.

BTW, Shanaz Sultana and I got connected thru facebook and guess what my mom had brought me the 10th standard class photo and she was right there gleaming and I could just remember her that same way. She looks like an actress (resembling Sneha in Tamil) now with that same cute smile and great look. Connect to my face book and you can see her too.

Thanks for this Lux linked in update.


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