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Oh, am so jealous of you Laksh :-( Wish I could atleast read one book in a month's time. Our Kindle gives me a "paavam" look when I get to see it - which itself is very rare.


Hi Lakshmi,

Have been catching up with all your posts through the reader. Sorry, have not commented on your earlier posts.

Which do you like better - Ipad or the Kindle? would love to get your feedback. I am planning to get one (after re-cultivating my reading habit, whenever that happens) and I can't make up my mind.



Rama, I don't get much time during the day. Bed times are my reading time. Thankfully, the entire family is into books, so all of us stay out of each others' hair during reading time.

Suman, Kindle wins hands down for the following reasons:
1. It is a dedicated book reader with no distractions of internet etc.
2. It is not back lit, so is easy on the eyes.
3. It does not need as frequent recharge as the Ipad.
4. It is lighter than IPad
5. It does not get heated like IPad does.

Go for Kindle.


Loved the post, Lakshmi!!! Went over to the 'dude's kindle' post too, and enjoyed his style of writing as well. You make a wonderful couple, and your kid has a kindle too? Whoa man, this is one very intelligent family! My better-half sleeps the moment he touches a book, and our brat yawns loudly at the sight of one! Sigh!!!


Wrierzblock, the kid learnt the hard way when she was about six months old that the only way she can be entertained is by reading because mom prefers to read to her rather than play peek-a-boo.

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