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No, that is not too much to ask. It should operate only when both parties are willing.

Margy Rydzynski

No, it's not too much to ask. But, not everybody is a sexual deviant. You might be giving yourself more trouble than you should, even in this environment. Relax a bit, but keep a wary eye out too.


Shail, Margy,
Thanks for the comments.
Perhaps it is my imagination, but I think there is much less sexual harrassment now than in my teens. For example, we had gone to the cricket match and there were so many half clad cheer leaders and even young girl spectators who were provocatively dressed, and there was no harassment, much to my relief. In my teens, the same situation would have led to a lot of heckling, fingering and downright abuse.
So there is hope after all !


Ohh..my God!! I have a same feeling with you..exactly same! I have that kind of phobia... I won't leave my daughter go out even at the car porch..we will stay in the house with the locked door. I won't let my daughter play outside alone even though the gate is locked..I love my daughter more than anything! I don't trust anyone even his own uncle...

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