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I remember when my youngest child was very small. If we had visitors at the house and it became dusk she would tell each of them "It's time for you to go home!" She no doubt understands the need to be in before dark also.


Doug, I never outgrew that feeling.


Ha ha... first you complain about dusk, and someone has been kind enough to paint his house a BRIGHT orange, and you don't appreciate it? ;-) ;-)
Seriously, what was he/she thinking :-)


Writerzblock, I gather it is a "vaasthu"* thing. When you see any house that is in some brain scrambling colour, rest assured there lives a vaasthu freak inside.

*Vaasthu is the Indian version of Feng Shui, which has become a sort of mass hysteria of late.


I have a really difficult time seeing at dusk. My eyes just refuse to adjust.


What, you don't want the sun to go back to his momma at night, after playing all day?

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