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>>I couldn't take my eyes off them whenever they came up

me neither... ;-)



Sounds like so much fun!!!!!!!!!!
I've been wanting to watch a lIVE match in a stadium myself... wonder when that day will come!!!!!


I'm so very jealous, Lakshmi.

Also glad that you are blogging frequently again.

Re: imported cheerleaders, a bitter part of me wants to say its probably because they were wearing short skirts. And shorts skirts are fine only when worn by phoreners, and not by GOOD Indian girls.

(I could be wrong, of course. I hope I am.)


I guess its the atmosphere which gets into you. Glad you enjoyed it :-)

As for me, I have a love-hate relationship with cricket. Thanks to my hubby. Nobody or nothing exists for him when he watches cricket and that puts me off to no end. Grrrrr

Ofcourse, I watched the World Cup live with him and that was nice particularly when we won it.


Arunn, it is said that a marriage is built on common interests. You and I have a strong building.

Writerzblock, I would strongly recommend that you get tickets for the next IPL match by hook or crook. Totally worth the effort.

Purplesque, The phirangi cheer leaders (belonging to the Bangalore team) were in spandex tights and spandex figure huggers (with gaping holes at the waist), while the Desi cheer leaders (belonging to the Chennai team) were in yellow baggy pants and shirts. Just so you know...

Rama, watching cricket in TV is no fun. Even if you are watching with loved ones, and your team wins. The whole fun is to be in the stadium, jumping and yelling with the thousands. I enjoyed the crowd more than the game.

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