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I'll tell you what, when I have some clothes that need hand-washing, you can do it and I'll watch tv! Win-win!


Steve, I have a better idea. I'll hand wash your clothes, and you cook for me.


Doug of "Almost Wisconsin" took on the tag here.
Thanks, Doug.


Since I don't have a blog, I'll just write my Likes and Dislikes with no particular order.
1. Puppies and Dogs (this is more LOVE and Craze) and this alone would be my Top 10 :-)
2. Visit new places, particularly snowy mountains - though this does not happen often
3. Hear soft and thunderous music - depends on my mood
4. Catching up with my dear friend Asha - she knows what to say to make me happy and cheerful
5. Reading your blog :-)
1. All types of reptiles
2. Hand washing clothes and mopping the floor.
3. Maid who takes unannounced leave and lies as to why she took the leave.
4. My hubby watching cricket as if nothing else exists
5. Television

Well, as you mentioned the "Dislike" took very less time for me and it could go miles. I restricted myself to 5 each.

Thanks for giving me this space, Laksh.



I like your point 5 very much.
I am hesitant with any non-human life form (sometimes with some forms of human too!). I love to see animals from a distance (48 feet) or inside a television, but get them any closer to me, I freak out.


He he, Rama's point 5 is awesome :-) I enjoyed reading this quick list, LG. You like hand-washing clothes? I cannot stand it. But I do like ironing :-) :-) And I LOOOOOOOOOOVE shopping.


Writerzblock, I HATE Ironing. So, maybe we should have a pact here, what?

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