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There was a great article in the New York Times last week entitled "Stop Using Your Thumbs When We're Talking!"


Ha ha!!! Hilarious, and equally cruelly, TRUE! I wish, I just wish people would give a little more attention to the living/breathing folks around them, rather than a piece of crap metal!


i have it on good authority that leendadll shamelessly stole it from some other blog


Funny! I know a certain Deepak that should see this post ;)


A, thankfully, I last met this "certain Deepak" we know in common before the cell-phone era.


I saw how Dude has a new appendage in the form of a Kindle. I can't remember the last time I saw this Deepak without a gadget that kept him "on the grid" 24/7. I think I may make it my personal challenge to steal his phone and watch him freak out.

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