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Hmm, sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be married to an IIT professor. Can't imagine it would be too easy...

Now what tops that? Imagine two IIT professors married to each other! I know of at least one case in IIT Bombay. How tough would be the expectations on their kids!


Biswa, I know a few prof couples too. And contrary to popular belief, their kids face less pressure than non-prof parented kids.

You won't find too many kids of IIT profs take the IIT entrance - and it is not because the kids are not smart enough.

I won't say any more on that, lest I start a war here, but let's just say, most of us like our children to grow up as normal human beings, able to face both success and failure with courage and maturity.
(For anyone who is offended by the last statement and want to argue, please take the argument elsewhere. I will not entertain comments on the issue here)

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