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Have a feeling of deja vu. Similar thoughts are in my mind too!


It must be weird for other readers to see Lakshmi comment at Lakshmi's post saying she has a feeling of deja vu- I mean, how existential is that? Especially in a post that ends with "Is one of them really me?" !

For clarification, the previous Lakshmi is ANOTHER Lakshmi, not the author at this blog site, and just to complicate matters a bit more, is also referred to as LG !

Complicated world.


Hahha...I hope you are not twins :-)
Talking about identity- what do you think is the difference between person & personality?
I am the person who takes on different roles as a colleague,friend,relative,disciple,eater,walker,dancer and on and on.....with roles overlapping many a time.
As far as the person doesnt lose the identity & doesnt mistake him/herself for the role...all is well :-)

Laura Meehan

It is normal to feel like there are different parts to you and to wonder 'Who am I?" It takes time to listen inside and integrate the different parts. A counselor can help speed up the process. I suggest some ideas to help facilitate the process to discover who you are on my website. I thought you might be interested.

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