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how is it ten years? from 1991, we have been alternating between JJ and MK, right? 2001 election was won by AIDMK and 2006 by DMK. we have given equal opportunity for looting!


Sachita, case of bad homework. Yes, five years, but it seems as long as ten !
Thanks for pointing it out. I have corrected the fact in the post.


Read in the Twitter ...Aatha replaces Thaatha.

Happy with her victory hoping sincerely its a change for the better but would have preferred not a landslide victory like this...


"Aatha replaces Thaatha."
ROFL. That shall be my gmail status for a few days.

Srini vasan

Change is a must rather than good or bad. It is the ONLY realistic punishment that can be given to errant governments, in a democracy.

If the replacement behaves as badly or worse than its predecessor, then it also has to be changed in the next election.

This is much better than letting one set of bandicoots alone to loot uninterrupted.

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