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Oh, no wonder everybody in Chennai has been cribbing about how HOT the damn city has become. Kathiri veyil!!! Ooooh the name sounds so ominous these days. It was never the case a couple of decades ago.

Btw, LG, the 'ilaneer' - I completely agree with you on that. I used to love Coke and Pepsi when I was a kid, but I simply cannot stand the sugary-water (which is what it is!) these days.

Arre, where is this LARGEST library? I would love to see it!!!!!

Btw, again, your post says 'mournful' instead of 'mouthful' :-) :-)


I appreciate all the links. One of the things I enjoy about your blog is that it is so foreign to me that it's sometimes like reading Dr. Seuss (truly, I enjoy it!) but it was fun to click through and learn what different words mean.


I am happy to say that Trichy has been cool for the better part of yesterday and today. Infact we had almost cyclonic winds and heavy showers making the Rock City enjoyable. Maybe its a breather for the bad days to come by...


Writerzblock: The library is in Kotturpuram, behind Anna University. A mammoth white elephant with lots of empty space. There are quite a lot of books, but they have not been categorized, so if you are looking for a specific book, it is a needle in haystack story.
"mournfull": Darn the automatic spellchecker. Thanks for pointing it out.

Leenadll, We live in a global village now and no civilization is an island anymore thanks to the internet information (over)load.

Rama, we'll be in your paettai in a fortnight. Hope the weather cooperates.


Unrelated but I don't know who else to ask: Today I saw May 1 photos including a shot from somewhere in India (I'm too lazy to go look it up now) where people were protesting Outsourcing. Does India have a problem with jobs being outsourced or do you think they were protesting US jobs being outsourced to India? I'm horribly confused.



A lot of s/w jobs are outsourced from the US to India. I believe your president is trying to cut that down. Which may be bad for our economy. Recently, he asked Americans not to avail of the "cheap" healthcare in India, to which our doctors (rightfully) took objection .

Send me the link if you can find your news again.


What a lovely post!

Thanks for the link to the library. Also.....

...do you have a recipe for neermor?



I grind one green chilly, one piece of ginger, a few crystals of salt and a few curry and coriander leaves with a little bit of curd and then mix it to watery buttermilk. The butter milk is made by mixing one parts of curd with three of four parts of water.
You could add ice cubes when you serve it in a tall sexy glass.


Yeah, I also believe the ancient Indian dresscode in Hindu times must have been more liberal. Even now there are plenty of men and women in Africa who go bare-chested and nobody bats an eye.

The only problem I see is going into a crowded bus overflowing with semi-naked people.


Biswa, I don't see a problem with bus overflowing with semi-naked people unless I am planning to wear a three-piece Armani and choose to stick out in the crowd.

Play school

very hot place Chennai so sad

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