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Not even notice....


It doesn't bother me either way but when I'm writing something like that myself I put his/her because you don't know how the person reading it feels about the whole thing. I mean it seems like such a little thing to worry about but some people have very fixed ideas about things.


This is often the fashion, now, consciously using the female gender. So you needn't feel bad about your strident feminism. :-)

Personally I like to use "their", even though it has been suggested by "them" that it is not grammatically correct.


Well, if it was a female manager it wouldn't matter, because I wouldn't pay attention to her.

OH!! Where did that come from!?!??


Arvind, good to know that there are people who don't notice.
Jane, "his/her" sounds so tedious when used repetitively in a document. That's why I avoid it.
Biswa, "their" is grammatically wrong, so I wouldn't use it in a semi-tech/tech document.
Steve, you are incorrigible !



I would strongly recommend that you use "her". I have read in many documents and have even used in our storyboards the feminine usage. And we haven't had any negative comments on that. So don't think twice - just use "her". If we don't use it, then who will!


Rama, this is not an issue in a fully technical/scientific documents, where passive voice is used. These semi-technical, marketing drivel is where I feel very uncomfortable.

It looks shabby to use both gender pronouns - his in some places and her in some others. "His/her" is too tedious and irritating when repeated. "their" is grammatically wrong. "His" seems sexist. "Her" seems pretentious. '

Oh well.


TOTALLY notice - because it's so rare. I prefer a neutral "efficacy of their methods" approach. Or go all out with "(s)He" (I once had an insane substitute teacher who would use that and other variants).

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